Increasing sales have always been very challenging for most businesses. Most companies believe that the only way to achieve this is by dropping 6 figures to newspaper ads, commercials, celebrities vouching for them or whatever, just so you can get some exposure (but no sales guaranteed). Most companies don’t realize that the most powerful and effective way of marketing is through customer-to-customer (c2c). According to Harvard Business School, a one-star rating increase leads to a 9% increase in revenue.

Great Customer Relationships Start With Trust

Be the “One”

Consumers are getting smarter these days. They will search online and start reading all types of reviews before buying a product or service. Of course, the higher the ratings you have, the more awareness and traffic you drive to your business. And the higher chance you will be able to convert them into sales (since the trust is already there). Reviews Posted makes it easy for your customers to leave their feedback on major platforms including Google+, Bing Local, Homestars, Tripadvisor and Yellowpages.

Sold! By the time they walk in

Ever wonder why your next door competitor is getting more business than you? It’s no surprise that the business with the highest rating and number of positive reviews usually gets the most attention. You won’t try out a service with 0 ratings or a bunch of negative reviews either, right? Let us help get you all those reviews you deserve so you can enjoy a big boost in quality traffic. Customers will be sold by the time they step in.

Nailed it! Yeah!

By getting direct feedback from your customers, you no longer have to do all the guess work, whether your customers like this, or like that. (it’s risky, and we know as a business owner, you probably don’t like this). Reviews Posted helps keep track of all feedback you have collected. You can setup specific questions you want ask or perhaps you want to understand how your customers feel about your service etc., and all this can all be done easily. Oh, and you get the answer instantly, too.

Know your staff

Most people have probably worked for someone once in their lifetime, and most of us have once gone beyond our duty and performed an amazing task or service that deserved to be known. Unfortunately, most of the time, they never get to the CEO or manager, nor anyone who cares. This sucks big time, and no employee appreciates that. Now, Reviews Posted makes it all possible. You, as a business owner, can easily track and monitor which employee provided this excellent service that helped the company gain those positive reviews.

Free Marketing from Customers

When your company gains high ratings and a great amount of reviews, it’s no surprise that sales usually follow. Not only will your business rank high on search engines like Google, but it will also get people talking online. Happy customers will spread the word on social media, posting pictures via Instagram, sharing their experience on blogs and much more. The sky is the limit and Reviews Posted makes it easy and possible.