Collect feedback effortlessly

Let them know you care. Simply ask them to visit your business feedback page, and we will do the magic for you.Take this opportunity to understand your customers. Have their feedback published on major review platforms.

A central hub for genuine reviews

We promise to make it easy, and here it is. Once the basic information and rating have been filled, your customer will land on a page where they can select a platform to leave their reviews on. You can add/remove/edit these platforms directly on your backend. We provide dead simple and easy instructions for each platform (no more than 3 steps), so your customers will be comfortable following our guidelines and will leave his/her review accordingly.

Instant feedback reporting

Once your customer provides a rating and feedback, they are instantly reported on your account securely. You will be able to review them anytime and anywhere. We also made it easy for you to filter out data. Suppose you want to only view feedback with a ‘poor’ rating (for follow-up purposes), simply type ‘poor’ under the rating field. Furthermore, you may also export them as CSV for further analysis or for creating deeper reports on data collected.

Easy way know your customer

We developed an easy to use, easy to read and easy to understand customer management system. By clicking onto each rating, you will be able to find each customer’s contact information and the feedback they left you. Engaging with your customer is the best way to promote your brand and let them know you care. It’s easy to do with our centralized platform.

Dead simple. Easy to use. No headaches.

As promised, we made it extremely easy to customize your business rating page. On your account, you will be able to add or remove review platforms, tailor your display message to your customer, as well as change your display image with just a few clicks.